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    Lo and Behold Ruby Chip Butterfly Bush

    Finally - a Lo & Behold butterfly bush with the jaw-dropping color intensity of the "Miss" series! Growing in a tidy 2.5 ft. tall and wide mound, dozens of fragrant magenta-ruby flower spikes cover this plant from summer into fall. Sun-loving and heat tolerant, it thrives in sandy soil and is perfect for all gardens.  Attracts butterflies and other pollinators.

    Silver Knight Scotch Heather

    This little rock garden charmer gets its name from the vibrant cream-orange-red spring growth on its fine green needle-like foliage. Purplish-pink flowers follow in the late summer and early fall. The foliage will become purplish-bronze in the cool fall to add further interest. It prefers well drained acidic soil and could reach 20 inches tall and 24 inches wide in sun or part shade.

    Two Tones Daphne

    Extremely fragrant clusters of pink flowers almost hide the branches on this dense mounded shrub in May, followed by small green leaves each marked with distinctive bright yellow margins - much brighter than other Burkwood daphnes. Growing to 3 ft. high and wide, it is tolerant of sun or light shade in well-drained soil conditions, but also has proven itself in poor, dry soils. Very cold tolerant, foliage is less susceptible to reverting as other varieties.

    Paraplu Violet Rose of Sharon

    When summer comes, this Rose of Sharon shines! Its extra-large flowers are a cool blue-violet and have a glowing, almost iridescent effect especially in the morning and evening. Like its sister 'Pink Ink', it blooms for weeks on end on an elegant, graceful shrub. Requiring only pruning in early spring, this low-maintenance beauty grows 5-8 ft. tall in sun or part shade and is truly a hummingbird magnet!

    Paraplu Pink Ink Rose of Sharon

    Summer only gets better when this new Rose of Sharon explodes with large, colourful blooms! Growing 4-5 ft. tall on an elegant, graceful habit, its single white blooms have a dazzling star-like pink eye that attract hummingbirds like a magnet! Requiring only early spring pruning, it makes a stunning garden accent plant!

    White Pillar Rose of Sharon

    A sister plant to Purple Pillar Rose of Sharon, this plant grows in a narrow column and by doing so it takes up just a fraction of the space that conventional roses of Sharon do. This particular variety sports pure white, semi-double blooms, making it an elegant choice for planting in any style landscape. It can grow to as tall as 10' with a width of a mere 3 to 4 feet. As with all Rose of Sharons, it grows best in full sun to light shade on most soils except those that are heavy or wet. 

    Berry White Hydrangea

    Here is a Hydrangea like no other! Bearing abundant, long lasting, rounded white flower heads in July on strong upright stems, they soon progress to pink and then to an intense raspberry colour before turning glorious wine red with the cooler fall temperatures. This hardy variety grows 6-7 ft. tall and 4-5 ft. wide in sun or part shade. Excellent for screening or use as a garden feature.

    Firelight Tidbit Hydrangea

    This easy-care beauty from Proven Winners is the tiniest, tidiest hydrangea yet! Growing only 2-3 ft. tall and wide in sun or part shade, it bears big, lush panicles of white mophead flowers in early-mid summer, nearly obscuring the green foliage! As the summer progresses, they begin to develop bright pink and red tones which keep it colorful right up to the first frost. Eminently versatile, this little charmer complements all gardens!

    Quickfire Fab Hydrangea

    Football-sized and shaped densely packed blooms cover this 'fabulous' new Proven Winners hydrangea earlier in the summer than previous Quick Fires. Watermelon coloured hues appear at the base of each cluster and gradually work their way towards the tip of the blossom. Growing 6-8 ft tall and wide at maturity, this hardy variety thrives in partial to full sun, and is sure to be a favourite. 

    Blues Festival Pot O Gold

    Cool blue-green foliage covers this deer-resistant little native shrub when it is not covered by sunburst-like flowers in July and August! Growing 24-36 inches in dry sunny spots, this low-maintenance plant is ideal for edging beds and walkways or massed together as a groundcover. Trim to shape in early spring - and enjoy the bright yellow stars in the summer. 

    Thunderbolt Honeysuckle

    Flashy chartreuse foliage covers this award-winning new Box Honeysuckle. Because of its smaller leaf size, dense form and hardiness, it makes an excellent boxwood hedge replacement. Growing 4-5 ft. tall and wide in sun or part shade, it can be allowed to naturally cascade or be trimmed to desired shape and size.

    Bella Bianca Cinquefoil

    Also known as Potentillas, these small shrubs have come a long way from what you may have seen before. This petite new selection continues to please all season with pure-white flowers that completely cover its tidy frame from June thru frost. Easy to grow, it is extremely cold hardy and requires little maintenance. It grows 1-2 ft tall and wide in full sun to partial shade.

    Bella Sol Cinquefoil

    Masses of large sunny open-faced orange blooms cover this new cold-hardy garden performer, with the colours becoming darker and richer as they age. Ferny green foliage covers this compact globular shaped shrub through the season, eventually turning yellow in autumn. Growing 2-3 ft. tall and wide in full sun and in average, well-drained soil, it is an ideal choice planted alone or massed in groups. 

    Iceberg Alley Dwarf Willow

    This striking, extremely hardy native shrub is a dwarf form of Sageleaf Willow. It has powdery, silver leaves and bears lovely silver catkins with contrasting red stamens in the spring. This silver beauty wants full sun and like most willows, can handle wet areas. Growing between 3-5 ft. tall and wide, it can easily be pruned after flowering to keep it smaller. It is an ideal contrast plant - almost glowing in contrast to traditional green plants, and flowing well with white themes.

    Proudberry Coralberry

    Proud Berry coralberry makes it unbelievably easy to fill your landscape with these unique pink berries, guaranteed to turn heads. Cute, rounded, bluish-green leaves look handsome all season, then, in late summer, bell-shaped flowers appear. As the season changes to autumn, the flowers develop into large dark pink berries, the color intensifying with cold weather. As pretty as it is, this North American native is also amazingly tough, effortlessly fending off deer, cold weather, and problem soils. The fruit is not edible, but may be eaten by birds in mid-late winter. This plant makes an excellent cut flower for fall arrangements. Grows 4' tall by the same wide in full sun to partial shade.

    Magical Mandy Snowberry

    This hardy new addition to the Magical line of coralberries produces small pink flowers in early summer all along the stems. These are followed by white pearl-like berries blushed pink in early fall and persist into early winter. Growing 4 ft. tall and 3 ft. wide in full sun, "Mandy" makes a dramatic hedge or specimen plant. The heavily berried branches are great in cut flower arrangements as well!

    Little Lady Lilac

    This hardy new lilac combines the large flower panicles of ‘Miss Kim’ with the compact habit of ‘Dwarf Korean’. In late spring, the dark pink buds open to lilac pink, with a heady fragrance that will tickle your nose! Growing slowly to 4 ft. tall and wide in sun, it is perfect for foundation plantings, but it can also be used for mass plantings or informal hedges.

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    Here is just the shrub to kick-start your heart - and your garden! 'Sweet Emotion' grows where no Abelia could grow before - in chilly USDA zone 4. Also the most fragrant - white and pink spring blooms fill the air with the scent of jasmine. Add in its elegant habit, attractive seed heads and orange fall foliage, the result is a perfect shrub. Tolerant of part shade, it grows 5-6 ft. tall and wide in moist, well-drained soil.

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