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     Newest Shrubs 
    Kodiak Fresh Bush Honeysuckle

    Diervilla x 'SMNDSS'
    This non-invasive, extremely durable native plant literally lights up the landscape with its lime-yellow foliage and bright yellow flowers before its glowing orange-red fall finale. Drought-tolerant and deer-resistant, it thrives in both sun or shade as well as more challenging sites of dry shade. Growing 2-3 ft. tall and wide, it is a magnet for pollinators!

    Blue Shadow Fothergilla

    Fothergilla major 'Blue Shadow'
    White bottle brush flowers start this shrub off in the spring and are followed by beautiful silvery blue leaves through the summer. A great choice for a shady garden, it will come alight in fall as the leaves turn fiery shades of red, orange, and yellow. This nativar grows 4-6ft. tall and wide.

    French Cabaret Rose of Sharon

    Hibiscus syriacus 'Mindour1'
    For up to eight weeks throughout the summer, this hibiscus bears clusters of large, sterile, fluffy lavender purple 'pom-pom' flowers on upright sturdy stems! Growing 5-8 ft. tall and 4-7 ft. wide in full sun, it is easy to grow and requires little maintenance. Will serve well as a single specimen or planted together in an informal hedge.

    Dark Lavender Chiffon Rose of Sharon

    Hibiscus syriacus 'SMNHSPCL'
    Darker, more impressive purple semi-double blooms than the original, cover this shrub in a spectacular show in July-August. Reaching 8 feet tall, it grows in a vase shape and thrives in sun or occasional light shade provided soil is well-drained. Plant where sheltered from harsh winter winds. Relatively seedless, it should be pruned in early spring for increased bloom show.

    Jolene Jolene Beauty Bush

    Kolkwitzia amabilis 'SMNKADTF'
    Beauty Bush is a well named plant, as it has graced gardens since the beginning of the 19th century.  But it's vigour and size precluded it's use from many gardens. Not anymore! This new Proven Winners introduction that grows only to 6 feet tall means that the cascading star shaped pink blossoms can grace almost any garden. Grows in full sun to light shade and is extremely tough and drought resistant, with few pests too. 

    Kimono Hydrangea

    Hydrangea macrophylla 'Kimono'
    This beauty glows in the garden as white flowers with the red-pink margins contrast and illuminate the incredibly dark foliage. Re-blooming through the summer, this hydrangea is a stunner! It grows 2-3ft. tall and wide and grows best in part sun.

    Rock & Roll Hydrangea

    Hydrangea macrophylla ‘COF-HM3’
    Draw a crowd to your garden with this big show stopper! Depending on your soil chemistry bright pink, purple, or dreamy blue flowers cover this 4-5ft. tall and wide hydrangea in the summer. Then watch as it performs an encore as it re-blooms again late summer as it rocks on! 

    Let's Dance Skyview Hydrangea

    Hydrangea macrophylla × serrata 'SMNHSME'
    Another blue hydrangea?  Yes.. but one with a difference!  A new hybrid with Mountain Hydrangea parentage, it will take cold injury and still bear a multitude of sky blue blooms. A compat grower to 2-3ft. , these blossoms will keep coming as the season goes on. In alkaline soils blooms may be a pale lilac, or cute baby pink - so adding a little soil acidifier (so easy) will intensify this great blue colour! A consistent yearly bloomer and great re-bloomer the sky's the limit with the number of flowers this shrub will produce.

    Dragon Baby Hydrangea

    Hydrangea paniculata 'HYLV17522'
    Precious and powerful like a baby dragon, this improved hardy Hydrangea delivers extraordinary flower power in a petite form for modern outdoor spaces. Growing only 2-3 ft. tall and wide in full or part sun, it grows in an upright form and bears large cream and lime cone-shaped flower clusters that ignite into a rich pink as summer fades to fall.

    Fairy Trail Bride Cascade Hydrangea

    Hydrangea x 'USHYD0405'
    One look and you will say 'I do!' to this whimsical cascading hydrangea! Romantic large, lace-cap crisp white florets appear on arching branches covered in deep green leaves, before re-blooming again in the summer. Growing 3-4 ft. tall and wide, it does best in sun or part shade and prefers moist, well-drained and semi-sheltered locations. A magical addition to any garden!

    Little Fresco Hydrangea

    Hydrangea paniculata 'Little Fresco'
    It may be small but it makes such a statement! Big classic conical panicle blooms stay upright on exceptionally sturdy short stems that leave little room to flop. Blooms start white and gain a gentle blush of antique pink and green later in the fall.  Finished blooms can be left on for winter interest on this compact 2-3ft. shrub. Grows best in full sun to partial shade.

    Wee Bit Giddy Hydrangea

    Hydrangea paniculata 'Little Hottie'
    An instant garden favorite, Little Hottie® is a compact cone shaped panicle hydrangea with brilliant white blooms that stand up to the warm summer sun without burning. Maturing to only 3 to 5 feet tall and wide, it's ideal for smaller landscapes where traditional panicle hydrangeas won’t fit. As evening temperatures drop in the fall, the petals turn antique shades of white and pink. 

    Little Spooky Hydrangea

    Hydrangea paniculata 'Little Spooky'
    While this plant is named for its ghost-like flowers, there’s nothing scary about it! In fact, ‘Little Spooky’ is an absolute delight in any garden. This gorgeous dwarf is the smallest panicle (cone-shaped) hydrangea to date with a diminutive stature, tidy shape and boisterous white flower heads. Growing only 18-24 inches tall in sun or part shade, it truly is a garden game-changer!

    Puffer Fish Hydrangea

    Hydrangea paniculata 'NCHP1'
    Puffer Fish is reputed to be a larger, more puffed up Bobo®, with fluffy white blooms that engulf the entire plant, nearly obscuring the foliage. The flowers open and mature to a pure white. As the blooms age, they turn lime green and, for a bit of surprise, a fresh sprig of white flowers emerges from the tip of the panicle. A tight, compact habit with stems strong enough to hold its blooms. It grows 3 to 6 feet tall by the same wide in sun or light shade.

    Skyfall Hydrangea

    Hydrangea paniculata 'Skyfall'
    This strong-stemmed variety bears large conical heads composed of flowers with unique narrow, starry petals giving the whole panicle the remarkable look of a giant, glamorous hyacinth! Greenish buds open into creamy white flowers, mature to pure white, before taking on pink tints as they age. Growing 4 ft. tall and 3 ft. wide in sun or part shade, it makes a stunning specimen or hedge plant.

    Starfield Hydrangea

    Hydrangea macrophylla 'Starfield'
    Enlarge the thumbnail image, and revel in the dense clusters of star shapped flowers that dazzle on this dwarf hydrangea. Depending on soil acidity, bright pink or dusky-purple blue flowers will cover this 2-3ft. shrub. Producing many blooms through the season this shrub is it's own little galaxy. Best in partial light where you can see it's stars shine!

    Fireside Ninebark

    Physocarpus opulifolius 'UMNHarpell'
    Selected for its stunning foliage, Fireside® Ninebark displays reddish new growth that matures to deep red-purple. Unlike many early ninebark varieties, this one is mildew resistant too. Its foliage holds its colour reliably all summer, including in warmer climates. Add to that, Fireside™ doesn’t show signs of powdery mildew in the landscape and you’ve got a real winner. Pinkish-white flowers bloom in spring, and foliage turns deep purple in fall. The plant habit is tidier than many other ninebark with a rounded, upright shape. It grows 6-7 ft. tall and 4-6ft. wide this shrub shows the best colour in full sun.

    Lacette Fragrant Sumac

    Rhus aromatica 'Lacette'
    Compact growing, yet more refined than ‘Gro Low’, which is the market standard, Lacette™ adds a graceful elegance to difficult landscape sites. Lacy in appearance, but denser in habit, its small leaves are aromatic when crushed and half the size of others in commerce. But that doesn’t detract from its toughness! Tolerant of a wide array of soils, Lacette™ thrives in full sun on sloping hillsides, urban parking lots and is lovely in informal landscapes. It turns a many shades of red as the fall arrives, adding to its appeal. It grows to 3.5 to 4' tall by 6 feet wide in full sun or light shade.

    Black Pussy Willow

    Salix gracilistyla 'Melanostachys'
    Also known as 'Black Cat Willow', it thrives in moist soils to full wetlands, bearing extra-large velvety catkins in deep purple black! Fast growing to 6-10 ft. tall and wide in full or part sun, it can be cut down every 3-5 years to control size or be allowed to grow as a privacy screen where it forms a marvellous habitat for birds and squirrels.

    Spice Girl Korean Spice Viburnum

    Viburnum carlesii 'Spiro'
    Few shrubs can rival this one for springtime fragrance! Large pink buds open to white flower clusters and emit a spicy-sweet scent in mid-spring, followed by an outstanding display of bright red foliage in the autumn. If berries are desired, plant with another ‘carlesii’ variety. Growing 6-7 ft. tall and wide in sun or part shade, this deer resistant shrub will beautify your landscape for years to come.

    Peach Kisses Weigela

    Weigela x 'Slingpink'
    Warm and fuzzy feelings explode when you look at this adorable, improved re-blooming Weigela! Seldom without flower, it bears waves of tubular-shaped peachy pink flowers in spring to summer and then again in later summer through fall. Flowering best in full sun, it will grow to 3-4 ft. tall and wide in a tidy rounded form. A low maintenance plant, it is ideal for borders, pollinator gardens and mass plantings.

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