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Raymond Evison

Why Buy a Raymond J. Evison (R.E) Clematis?
Raymond Evison is renowned as a clematis breeder with over 5 decades of experience and history creating some of the world’s best clematis. Since he began working with clematis at the age of sixteen, he has introduced more than 100 species and cultivars to gardeners worldwide, including some of the most dramatic blooms seen so far. His exhibits at the Chelsea Flower show have gained numerous gold medals and in 1995 he was awarded the Royal Horticultural Societies Victoria Medal of Honour for outstanding service to British horticulture.
His goals are to develop varieties that first and foremost:
• perform well in the garden
• deliver plenty of flowers over a long period of time
• be colourful
• are easy to grow and maintain
Genuine Evison Clematis are marked on the list below by .

At Grobe's we offer a number of these premium clematis varieties plus many others as well. 

Special Orders: While we would love to carry every Clematis variety available to us, every year we are forced to make tough decisions on which to offer as a 'stocked' item here at the garden centre. The lower section of this page offers information on other varieties that we have seen before. It is sometimes possible to source other varieties not indicated here (but usually only in April/May/June), but given this year's current state of supply it should be noted that if it's not indicated here, there is very little chance it will be available for special order.
As it is not always easy for folks to find the range of clematis indicated here in one location, they often will travel some distance to get to us.  If you reside outside of Waterloo Region, and wish to ensure there is stock on hand prior to visit, please know that we post a daily updated availability list of what is on site commencing in early April.  Further details re: pre-ordering a clematis is available here.

Please note that we do not ship clematis outside of our immediate area in Southern Ontario.

Acropolis Clematis

This Evison Boulevard member offers everything you love about Clematis, but on a smaller scale! Bearing vibrant magenta blooms with dark ventral veining and a yellow center twice a season, it grows 4 ft. tall in sun or part shade. Blooming on new and old growth, keep its roots cool with a layer of mulch and add lime to reduce soil acidity. Perfect for training up a obelisk, it also grows well in a pot on your patio.   (Pots & Obelisks)

Avante Garde Clematis

These striking flowers are sure to get attention. Large 2 inch wide blossoms that consist of a central raised puff of rosy pink petals backed by a set in dark velvety red. This vigorous, free-flowering plant is pruned in early spring and it will shoot up to 9-10 ft, quickly covering a trellis.  Flowering begins in midsummer and goes on into autumn.

Blue Bird Macro Clematis

The hardiest of all clematis, it bears light purple-blue semi-double spring flowers and blooms on the old wood of the previous year. Growing vigorously to 10 ft. tall in sun or light shade, it enjoys a light pruning to tidy after flowering.

Cardinal Wyzsynski Clematis

Dazzle your garden with a vine that bears huge 8" glowing crimson flowers accented with darker crimson anthers and light pink filaments. This pretty climber can add a touch of elegance to any landscape with its June to July flowering that is repeated in September. Growing 8-10 ft. tall in full sun, it blooms on old and new growth. Keep its roots cool with a layer of mulch and add lime to reduce soil acidity.

Charmaine Clematis

This clematis produces beautiful rich red double, semi-double and single flowers that are up to 6 inches in size from late spring to mid summer and again in autumn.  The leaves are slighter darker than most clematis and somewhat shiny. Marvellous in containers and for growing up an obelisk or over pergolas or arches.

Comtesse de Bouchard Clematis

Gracefully curved sepals (outer parts of the flower) ranging from satin rose to mauve-pink and cover this vigorous vine. Prune back hard to 12-36 inches from the ground in spring. Tolerant of sun or part shade it could grow 6-10 ft. tall. Top mulch to keep roots cool and add lime to reduce acidity of soil.

Bourbon Clematis

Similar to Multi-blue Clematis, this new Japanese variety bears violet blue flowers with distinctive lighter colored sepals (4-5 inches in diameter) in May-June, then smaller flowers in August-September. Best in sun or part shade, it should be pruned lightly after flowering to encourage re-blooming. Top mulch to keep roots cool. ** N/A  2021

Duchess of Edinburgh Clematis

Sparkling double white rosette-like flowers, 4-6 inches in diameter, bloom in late spring and are followed by semi-double flowers in late summer on new growth. Requiring only light pruning to tidy plant, it does best in sun. Top mulch to keep roots cool and add lime to reduce soil acidity.

Ernest Markham Clematis

Bearing large glowing magenta blooms in late June-September, this variety is one of the most reliable for southern Ontario. Growing vigorously in sun, it requires hard early spring pruning for best bloom. Top mulch to keep roots cool and add lime to decrease soil acidity. 

General Sikorksi Clematis

This large-flowered Clematis adds dramatic color to the garden in late spring and again in early fall. Its dark lavender flowers and pale yellow centers are mostly semi-double during the first bloom period and single during the second bloom period. Growing 8-10 ft. tall in full sun to part shade, it blooms on old and new growth. Keep its roots cool with a layer of mulch and add lime to reduce soil acidity.

Giselle Clematis

This amazing multi-flowered and extremely free-flowering plant makes a great addition to those clematis that can be grown with roses at the base of an archway or pergola, or even free-standing roses in a border. Also ideal for growing in a container on an obelisk for the deck garden, patio or outdoor dining area with a compact size. It looks tremendous when grown in association with purple foliaged shrubs, and prefers full sun locations.

Golden Clematis

This variety bears striking, bright yellow cup-shaped flowers in June through August. These blossoms form feathery seed heads that are ideal for cutting. A vigorous grower that could grow to 15 feet tall in sun or part shade.

H.F. Young Clematis

Large deep wedgewood blue flowers form on the previous years growth in May-June and again in August, leaving attractive seed heads. Free flowering and compact, it needs to be pruned back hard each year to 14-30 inches. Requires sun or part shade, it can grow 6-8 ft. tall and lends itself to containers and gardens. Top mulch to keep roots cool and add lime to soil to reduce acidity. (Pots & Trellis)

Ice Blue Clematis

Our newest clematis cultivar bears 6-7 inch white flowers which are frosted with a tinge of blue when they first open and adds a cool, refreshing look to the garden in May through June and again in September. Blooming on old and new wood, it grows 6 ft. tall in sun or part shade.

Jackmanii Clematis

Large deep velvety purple flowers form on new growth July through September. Seemingly totally winter hardy, it needs to be pruned back hard each year to 14-30 inches. The hardiest and most popular variety in existence!

Josephine Clematis

This hardy variety bears unusual dark rose-coloured petals with lilac pink pompom centers against green leaves. Blooming April to June and then again August-September, it flowers on old and new wood. Although  tolerant of part shade, its best colour show is in full sun. Prune after blooming or as required to control vine height.

Kilian Donahue Clematis

While early flowers open ruby red, mature to brilliant fuchsia with an orchid edge to 5 inches across, later flowers of Kilian Donahue are pink lavender with a pink bar, giving the breathtaking appearance of two clematis varieties intertwined. It blooms early and repeats well through the season. It can grow 8-10 ft. in full sun. (Partial Shade)

Miss Bateman Clematis

Free-flowering in May - June, this excellent cultivar bears single 6" diameter white blooms, which become attractive seed heads as flowers fade. It may re-bloom in August. Best in sun, it must be top mulched to keep roots cool. Add lime to reduce soil acidity. Lightly prune to tidy plant.  (Pots & Trellis)

Mrs. N. Thompson Clematis

Dramatic 6" diameter bluish purple flowers bear deep pink stripes on each petal. Free-flowering in May-June, it can re-bloom in August. Lightly prune to tidy plant.

Olympia Clematis

One of a groundbreaking new series of clematis, this Raymond Evison series compact climber flowers from both leaf axils and stems, resulting in a profusion of large, rich purple blossoms along the entire vine. Growing 4-5 ft. tall in partial to full sun, it is lovely on fences, trellises, and in containers. (Pots & Trellis)

Picardy Clematis

Clematis doesn't have to be big to be bold! This R.E. compact grower has a free-flowering habit that produces dusky red flowers with dark brown anthers from June to mid-August. Growing 4-5 ft. tall in sun or part shade, its petite size is suitable for small gardens or even seasonal containers. Top mulch is required to keep roots cool and add lime to reduce soil acidity. Thin in early spring then lightly prune after flowering. (Pots & Trellis)

Pink Champagne Clematis

This early-flowering, compact clematis bears festive, deep-pink flowers uniquely striped with white bars that can reach 6-8 inches in diam. Blooming heavily in early summer, it repeats in late summer.. Growing 6-8 ft. tall, it does well in sun or light shade and is ideal for containers or small gardens. (Pots & Trellis)

Parisienne Clematis

This low growing Raymond Evison variety caused quite a stir at the Chelsea Flower Show. Masses of large flowers -- light violet-blue with overlapping petals and contrasting deep red anthers -- appear in early summer and then repeat again in late summer. Growing only 4 ft. tall, it requires full sun and needs lime to reduce soil acidity. Keep roots cool with a layer of mulch. Prune back to 12" each March.   (Pots/Partial Shade)

Polish Spirit Clematis

Our newest Viticella cultivar freely bears rich purple-blue 3" diam. flowers in July - September. Flowers are ideal for cut flower arrangements. Prune hard in early spring. Best in sun, it grows over 10 ft. and should be top-mulched to keep roots cool.

Ramona Clematis

This highly popular variety bears large satiny lavender-blue blooms with dark stamens and rounded sepals. Although it grows vigorously, it requires little pruning. Plant in sun. Top mulch to keep roots cool and add lime to reduce soil acidity.

Rebecca Clematis

This dramatic member of Raymond Evison Patio Collection with its intense 5 inch diam. scarlet-red flowers and creamy yellow anthers makes a spectacular display in May-June, with a repeat showing in August. Reaching 8 ft. tall, it does best in sun with mulch to shade the roots.

Rhapsody Clematis

This new beauty freely blooms from June to Sept. with stunning 4-5 inch diameter sapphire blue petals with contrasting creamy yellow anthers. Best in full sun, it should be lightly pruned in April.

Rouge Cardinal Clematis

This lovely stunner has velvety, 4" diameter crimson-red flowers appear on this vigorous free-flowering selection in July and August. Prune hard in early spring.

Samaritan Jo Clematis

This extremely strong-growing and very free-flowering plant can be used as a garden location plant or for growing in a container for the deck garden, patio or outdoor dining area. Normally pink-flowered clematis fade in strong sunlight but Sally holds its colour and is in fact a deeper colour when grown in strong sunshine. It is an excellent plant for growing with roses due to its multi-flowering habit.   (Pots)

Sarah Elizabeth Clematis

Raymond Evison has done it again! Absolutely vibrant candy-pink star-shaped flowers on this new clematis variety have delicate white freckling and are enhanced by a prominent crown of deep cherry-red anthers. Growing 3-4 ft. tall in sun, it blooms from May to October. Ideal for an obelisk, it lends itself well to containers as well.   (Pots)

Samaritan Jo Clematis

Clematis Samaritan Jo produces unusual 5 inch sized pointy layered petals with purple margins against a backdrop of dark green leaves. It will grow 4 to 5 feet in height, making it perfect for smaller spaces or pots. A prolific all-summer bloomer, it will grow in most light situations other than full shade, with the blossom intensity fading in very sunny locations - partial shade is considered best. It blooms in late spring through early summer and again in late summer, and should be pruned hard to 6 inches above ground in spring.

Sunset Red Clematis

Like a fruity tropical beverage, the large flowering clematis has all the bright hues of deep burgundy red with purple highlights you'd expect to find in a holiday drink! Ideal to brighten a garden trellis, it blooms from mid-spring through summer on both old and new wood. Growing 6-9 ft. tall in sun or part shade, it should be top-mulched to keep roots cool

Sweet Autumn Clematis
It's finally here! Masses of small sweetly scented creamy-white flowers cover this vigorously growing vine in late August and early September followed by silver-white plumes of seed heads. Growing rapidly in sun to 20 ft. tall, it will quickly cover a large area or may be pruned back to 3 ft. each March.
Tekla Clematis

This showy clematis produces beautiful 4 to 5 inch bright pink-red flowers throughout summer, with a lighter cast within each petal. This vine is free flowering and grows to 7 feet or so, and should be pruned to 12 to 18 inches tall in spring.  (Pots/Partial Shade)

Clematis Vicki

This 'pretty girl' will make a super addition to your garden with its masses of 4-5 inch diameter pale pink pointed flowers with a deep bar of vibrant pink and crown of golden yellow stamens in the centre. Compact and free-flowering, it grows 4-5 ft. tall in sun and blooms May thru September. Top mulch is required to keep roots cool, with lime needed to reduce soil acidity.

Ville de Lyon Clematis

An abundance of carmine red blooms with deep crimson edges appear on this hardy, vigorous vine in July. Prune back to 16-36 inches from the ground each March. It could grow to 10 ft. in full sun.

Venosa Violacea Clematis

Making its debut in 1883, this Victorian era French heirloom is a study in the beauty of contrast. Each of its profoundly purple petals bears a streak of snowy white that culminates as a pale velvety puff at its center. The 4 inch petals appear in spring and continue coming through early autumn. It can grow to a respectable 10 feet in height and a slender 2 feet wide which makes it perfect for many garden structures.

Vyvyan Pennell Clematis

This 'beauty' bears huge 8 inch fully double flowers that are soft lavender mauve, with paler midribs and deep golden stamens. While the first flowers are fully double, as the season progresses the later flowers could be single. It grows 8-10 ft. tall in sun to part shade, it blooms on new and old growth. 

Clematis Varieties We Hope To See Again Someday 

PLEASE NOTE: The following clematis varieties are NOT currently available for sale. 
The section below is maintained as an archive and preserved for informational use only.

Abilene Clematis

This very free-flowering clematis is ideal for a shady position in the garden or for growing in a container on the deck garden or patio. Also ideal for brightening up an outdoor dining area. It only grows to 3-4 ft. and is easy to grow. Blooms in late spring to early fall.  - (Pots/Partial Shade)

Amethyst Beauty Clematis

The light purple blooms of Amethyst Beauty take on a purplish blue color as they mature with red antlers that open. The slightly ruffled petals give this clematis a nice look. It is a great rebloomer, blooming in early summer and then again in August. Standing 6-8' tall, it is great planted around patios, on a trellis or an arbor.

Bernadine Clematis

Originally known as 'Evipo 061', this charming dwarf clematis grows only 4 ft. tall in part shade, producing large numbers of silvery-lilac flowers with white and maroon stamens from late spring to early fall. Delightfully easy to grow, it is perfect for garden beds or borders. Prune hard each spring back to 6-12" from the ground. Top-mulch to keep roots cool and add lime to reduce soil acidity.    (Pots/Partial Shade)

Dr. Ruppel Clematis
Very large flowering variety with up to 6 inch sized deep rose-pink flowers with contrasting darker central bars. It blooms readily over a long period, with the main crop of flowers appearing in late spring and early summer. Perfect for trellis, wall and fence displays it will grow as big as 8 feet tall.
Edda Clematis

This very new introduction is very compact growing (only 3 to 4 feet tall) making it possible to place in many small corners or containers. As the first flowers are blooming, it is already making trailing stems with even more buds. It is grows in most light conditions, but favours partial shade. It should be cut down to about 6 inches tall in early spring.  (Pots/Partial Shade)

Kitty Clematis

Newly introduced - a very compact & free flowering near white clematis. Extremely free flowering and particularly suitable for container growing. It grows to 4 to 5 ft. and flowers in early summer to mid summer and again late summer to early fall in any location with partial shade. **2021 by special order  (Pots/Partial Shade)

Mrs. George Jackman Clematis

This compact, free-flowering R.E. variety bears pretty pink 4" diameter flowers that have six pointed petals and attractive red anthers. Growing to 4 ft. high in sun to part shade, it's strong blooming power sets this variety apart with flowers from May-Sept. Prune hard each spring back to 6-12" from the ground. Top-mulch to keep roots cool and add lime to reduce soil acidity.  ** 2021 by special order

Niobe Clematis

This vine holds the colour of the velvet deep red blossoms very well during the heat of summer. The blossoms are very dark, almost near black, and then mature to a deep ruby colour. Said to be one of the most superior of the Clematis, its free blooming flowers grow in abundance throughout the summer on vines that reach up to 12 feet or more. Plant in sun or partial sun. (Partial Shade)

Bourbon Clematis

Dynamic and dramatic are two words that sum up the glowing red 5" diameter flowers that cover this Evison variety from late spring through late summer. Growing 6-8 ft. tall, it requires light pruning only to keep the plant tidy. It is best planted in full sun.

Clematis Boulevard Nubia

Free-flowering and hardy, this exceptionally dark red, compact, re-blooming clematis is excellent for large planters or as an entryway accent. It blooms prolifically from the ground up thru spring and summer. Growing 4-6 ft. tall, it does best in part to full sun. (Pots)

Cherokee Clematis

Dusky pink, two-tone 3 inch diameter blooms appear in May-June and again in September. This compact variety grows only 3-5 ft. tall and is ideal for smaller gardens and patio containers, although it will require a short trellis or obelisk for support. It grows best in sun or light shade and should be pruned lightly in spring.

Lady Northcliffe Clematis

This strong growing variety bears large white flowers with pale pink bands shooting out from the unique center in May-June and again late Aug-Sept. Growing 4-5 ft. tall, it does best in partial shade. Top mulch to keep roots cool. Add lime to reduce soil acidity.  (Pots/Partial Shade)

Diana's Delight Clematis

Unusual large 6-7" two toned lavender-blue flowers with creamy yellow centers cover this compact 4-5 ft. vine from June to July, then again August to September in sun or part shade. Ideal for the smaller garden, it also lends itself to seasonally planting in containers.

Franziska Maria Clematis

Make your neighbors envious with this show-stopping bluish-purple clematis! This vigorous vine produces gorgeous double 4-6 inch diam. blooms all summer long. Best in full sun, it should be pruned lightly after flowering to encourage re-blooming.

Guernsey Cream Clematis

This classic beauty bears large creamy yellow blooms in May - June and again in September. Cool, wet weather may cause the centers of flowers to open up pale green. Plant in sun but top with mulch to keep the roots cool.  Lightly prune to tidy plant.

Happy Jack Clematis

Like the classic Jackmanii, this new Proven Winners variety produces large 5 inch wide rich violet blossoms with star shaped 4 petalled blossoms. it blossoms over several months, creating a wall of colour over a very long season. Unlike Jackmanii, however, the plant is a compact grower, and is a manageable size that might have uses in smaller spaces or even containers.

Chelsea Clematis

This little charmer grows only 2-3 ft. and is ideal for small spaces! Its blooms are comprised of 6-8 rounded, bluish creamy white petals. Blooming profusely in the early summer, it continues on and off until fall. Tolerant of all light conditions, it should be pruned back to 12 inches each spring. Top mulch to keep roots cool. Add lime to reduce soil acidity.  (Partial Shade)

Diamantina Clematis

Gorgeous rich blue-purple, fully double 4-6 inch wide pompon-like blooms cover this exceptional free-flowering R.E. variety throughout the summer. Each bloom lasts up to 4 weeks. Growing to 7 ft. tall in sun or light shade, it should be lightly pruned before growth starts in the spring.

Michiko Clematis

This impressive free-flowering compact climber bears 4-6 inch diameter double pink feathered petals with a large pompon center all summer. Best in sun or part shade, it should be lightly pruned to tidy plant after major flowering. Top mulch to keep roots cool. Add lime to reduce soil acidity.  (Partial Shade)

Filigree Clematis

This unusual dwarf clematis grows to a height of just 30cm and bears trailing stems rather than climbing tendrils, so it’s perfect for using as groundcover, as well as growing in hanging baskets and pots. ‘Filigree’ bears single and semi-double frilly lavender flowers throughout summer. Top mulch to keep roots cool and add lime to reduce soil acidity.    (Pots/Partial Shade)

Hyde Hall Clematis

An outstanding plant for growing in a container for the deck garden, patio or outdoor dining area due to its fullness of flower - or in a smaller corner of the garden. It has a very free-flowering and bushy habit. Can also be grown most successfully in a garden setting and it is ideal for the smaller garden where it can be grown against dark green foliaged, free-standing or wall-trained shrubs. It grows to 5 to 6 feet tall in most sitings. It flowers in mid spring to early summer and again in late summer.

Picardy Clematis

Large pale pinkish white 5 inch diameter flowers with red anthers bloom freely from July to September! After pruning all branches to within 2-3 ft. from the ground each March, it could grow to 12 ft. tall in sun. Top mulch to keep roots cool and add lime to reduce soil acidity.

Jolly Good Clematis

A truly easy-to-grow clematis from Proven Winners! Abundant light purple flowers with magenta undertones cover this clematis all summer long. Creamy white stamens provide charming contrast. This Jackmanii hybrid is a vigorous grower, yet maintains a nice compact size (to 6') that is perfect for training on fences or trellises. It flowers on new wood so you simply prune it back to two feet each spring.

Mirabelle Clematis

This selection bears flushed white medium-sized flowers with a distinctive pink stripe down the centre of each petal cover this 3-4 ft. tall vine from May to October with seed heads developing after flowers fade. Best in partial shade or sun, it needs a layer of mulch to keep the roots cool and lime to reduce soil acidity. Perfect for training up a obelisk or wall, it also grows well in a pot on your patio.

Ninon Clematis

This vigorous climber produces a continuous parade of 3-4" diameter snow white blooms with purple-tipped stamens from late spring to early summer and again in early fall with intermittent flowers in the middle of summer. Growing 4-5 ft. tall in part sun, it make a stunning show when blooming in patio pots or cascading over garden fences or trellises. Top mulch to keep roots cool and add lime to reduce soil acidity.

Rosemoor Clematis

This new variety from Raymond Evison bears flamboyant deep reddish-purple blooms 5-6 inches across, have contrasting yellow stamens from May to September and bloom on old and new wood. Growing 8-10 ft. tall in sun or light shade, it is a strong climber.

Still Waters Clematis

Pretty mauve-blue 4" diameter flowers with red anthers appear in May-June and in July-August. Each open flower remains clean and unfading for a long time, making it ideal for fresh arrangements. Best in sun or part shade, it should be pruned lightly after flowering to encourage re-blooming. (Partial Shade)

Sweet Summer Love Clematis

It's finally here - a colourful alternative to Sweet Autumn from Proven Winners! This hardy vine bears red buds in July which open to rich red, magenta and purple star-shaped blooms for a dramatic multi-coloured display that continues into mid-September. It also has a distinctive fragrance (like Sweet Autumn). It takes the first year to root in, but once this is done it will grow prolifically reaching 12 ft. tall in sun or part shade. It should be pruned back hard each spring. **2021 by special order

Volunteer Clematis

Large pink flowers with bold pink stripes on each petal are borne in abundance from early summer through to fall on a 4 ft. tall vine in sun or partly shaded conditions. Compact, floriferous and easy to manage, this cheery cultivar makes a lovely feature grown against a trellis, over an archway or in a container on the patio.  (Pots/Partial Shade)

Clematis Silver Moon

One of the best clematis for a lightly shaded area, this robust variety flowers over a long period in early summer then reblooms in late summer to early fall.  It bears large 4 to 6 inch wide silvery-lavender flowers on a 10 ft. tall vine. Requiring lime to reduce acidity, it also needs a layer of mulch to keep the roots cool. Prune lightly after flowering.

Tranquilite Clematis

Exquisite, star-shaped flowers have pale white bars on mauvey-blue petals with crimped, wavy margins topped with lovely reddish brown anthers. Large blooms are borne in abundance from May - September on a neat, compact habit only 3-4 ft tall.  Easy to grow, it is ideal for containers and small partly shaded garden spaces. Top mulch to keep roots cool and add lime to reduce soil acidity.  Pots/Partial Shade)



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