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     Newest Trees 
    Dwarf Headed Hydrangea Trees

    Hydrangeas are a popular late summer flowering plant, and they are available as a trained up treeform.  The size of the head of the tree usually grows as large as the shrub would, and this can be a challenge for those wanting a lovely hydrangea tree with a small amount of space.  Little Lime, Firelight Tidbit (shown) and Little Lime Punch hydrangea trees will resolve these spatial issues, with heads that grow to roughly 4 feet in diameter.  All have lovely blossoms that appear in mid summer in white that fade to different intensities of pink (they are listed here in order of 'deepness' of pink colour as they mature).  As with all hydrangeas, it's important to supply ample moisture to the roots in advance of high wind or high temperature conditions to ensure the very best longevity of blossoms. 

    Raging Red Flowering Dogwood

    Cornus florida 'Raging Red'
    This new variety has some of the darkest red flowers that to found on a flowering dogwood, but that's not it's only show. The foliage starts out in a deep burgundy tone, maintains tinges of red all summer, and finishes with flaming burgundy fall colour.  A larger tree that grows to 20 to 25 feet tall and wide, it should be sited in a spot that is protected from the prevailing northwest
    winter winds, and require consistent proper watering.

    Globe Maple

    Acer platanoides 'Globosum'
    This is an attractive tree for formal gardens or small lots. Its globe-shaped, densely branched habit is obtained without trimming with a crown that could grow to 15 ft. or more in diameter at 1 ft. per year. It favours full sun, but is adaptable to most soil types except those that are very wet.

    Powder Keg Sugar Maple

    Acer saccharum 'Whit XLIX'
    An explosion of fall colour awaits! Starting with dark lush green foliage, this sugar maple bursts into bright fiery reds and oranges in the fall.  Beginning at the top and progressing slowly downward, shades of yellow and light orange progressed to dark oranges and reds. Depending on the season, this show might continue for three weeks or longer.  A great nativar that grows 50 ft. tall and 40 ft. wide. Noted as a superior tree that stands up to summer heat and drought better then the species, making it perfect for shading a hot dry yard.

    Flame Thrower Redbud

    Cercis canadensis 'Flame Thrower'
    This hybrid variety of native Eastern Redbud offers vivid red new growth that fades gold and contrasts with the older more mature dark green leaves. This colour show truly makes this small tree pop in the landscape. Pink-purple slipper like blooms cover the branches in spring before the leaves emerge. It grows 15-20 feet tall and wide. Redbuds are 'understory' trees, and while this one will tolerate more sun then most, it is still suggested to be sited in a location protected from the prevailing northwest winds with a little shade if possible during the hottest part of the day.

    Golden Falls Redbud

    Cercis canadensis 'Golden Falls'
    Perfect for small gardens, this small weeping tree has several seasons of interest. Pale pink blossoms erupt from the bark in spring before the leaves emerge, with a strong weeping form that is stunning. The foliage buds with an orange tinge and is an all season yellow. Grows best where it can be slightly shaded during the heat of the day, it will grow to 8 to 10 feet tall by 4' wide on most well drained soils. As with all redbuds, it is best sited protected from exposure to northwest winter winds.

    Fox Valley Dwarf River Birch

    Betula nigra 'Little King Fox Valley'
    This selection of popular River Birch has highly ornamental exfoliating cream coloured bark and is perfect for smaller gardens. Tolerant of part to full sun, it could grow 8-10 ft. tall and wide in 10 years in a low-branching, clumpy, yet compact tree form. This makes it suitable as a small screening tree for smaller properties. Its excellent heat tolerance and pest and disease resistance makes it a great choice for a low maintenance landscape!

    Tickle Creek Birch

    Betula jacquemontii 'Tickle Creek'
    Delicate lacey green leaves tickle the air on weeping branches. Cinnamon stems mature to a smooth bright white bark to stand out in the garden. Growing 6 inches a year to 6 ft. tall and 4 ft. wide, this birch is a beautiful specimen to add to the yard. Very rare tree that evokes a look like a weeping Japanese maple, but far hardier.

    Yvonne Ginkgo

    Ginkgo biloba 'Yvonne'
    Recently found and developed by an Ontario grower, this is one of the cutest varieties of ginkgo available! Extremely unique and rare, it has perhaps the smallest fans of foliage ever but on a shrubby habit. Growing in sun to only 8-10 ft. in 10 years, its green leaves turn bright golden yellow to end the season. A male tree, it is an ideal accent for a charming garden!

    Moonglow Sweetbay Magnolia

    Magnolia virginiana 'Moonglow'
    Stunning lustrous dark green leaves back large fragrant creamy white flowers of this unique magnolia in late spring/early summer. Growing 30ft. tall and 15ft. wide in an upright form, this beauty is a statement in the yard. Plant in rich well drained soil in full sun to partial shade. Unlike some magnolias, it will tolerate some moist soil conditions.

    Rancho Cherry

    Prunus sargentii 'Rancho'
    In spring, these wonderful trees produce a mass of large pretty single pink flowers that are complemented by the reddish-brown new foliage. The early fall transforms the luscious green foliage into vibrant shades of yellow, red, oranges, and maroons. The tree grows 20-25 feet tall by 14 feet wide, and does best in full sun with soil that is not heavy clay.  One of the hardiest of all flowering cherries.

    Miyako Flowering Cherry

    Prunus serrulata 'Shogetsu' (Oku Miyako)
    'Blushing Bride' or 'Moonlight on Pines' is a stunning Japanese flowering cherry. With large double white flowers that start as delicate pink buds and hang in clusters as they open in May for a stunning show. It grows to 25ft. tall and wide, and this ornamental tree is an award winner with notable orange fall colour too.  Careful site selection is important with this tree - it should be limited to a protected spot and a well-drained (preferably non-clay like) soil conditions.

    Shirofugen Ornamental Cherry

    Prunus serrulata 'Shirofugen'
    Recipient of the Award of Garden Merit by the Royal Horticultural Society - and with good reason. Large pink buds open to fully double white blooms with 20-30 petals each! If that wasn't showy enough, the blooms change colour to pink again before they fall. Growing 30ft. tall and wide this stunning tree makes for a great show piece in the garden. Best sited in a protected location.

    Palisade American Hornbeam

    Quercus x jackiana ‘Jefmir’
    Lush glossy green leaves turn a lovely golden yellow in the fall, then russet in winter where they stay on for the season. It's strong upright pyramidal habit makes it a beautiful shade tree for the home. Grows 40 ft. tall and 30' feet wide. It does best in full sun, is drought tolerant, with few pests.

    Golden Corkscrew Willow

    Salix erythroflexuosa
    Characterized by curly yellow branches that turn bronzy golden-yellow by summer, this fast growing willow forms glossy lance-shaped leaves that curl and twist, forming pretty gold and green tresses that turn yellow in the autumn before falling. Only then is the true beauty of its structure revealed.  A deer resistant, sun-loving shrub/tree, it could grow to 20-30 ft. tall and wide or be cut down every 3-5 years to control size.

    Olympic Flame Mountain Ash

    Sorbus 'Olympic Flame'
    This compact tree is reminicent of an Olympic flame in the fall when it's leaves burst into bronze, scarlet, and gold! Clusters of creamy white flowers show in spring, and are followed by orange-red berries that provide winter interest as they persist through the colder months. Growing 30ft. tall and 20ft. wide this is a lovely tree for smaller yards, and mountain ash are amongst the most drought tolerant trees available. Truly a winner!

    Harvest Gold Linden

    Tilia mongolica 'Harvest Gold'
    Faster growing then many Linden varieties, this tree has a strong pyramidal form, glossy green leaves and gets it's name from the beautiful golden yellow show of leaves that turn in the autumn. It is known for it's resistance to Japanese beetle and leaft spot, and the bark on the tree 'peels' a bit like birch, giving it some winter interest too.  It will grow to 40 feet tall by 30 feet wide in most soil conditions in full sun to partial shade.  An excellent shade tree for urban conditions.

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