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    Sprinter Boxwood

    This is an improved, fast-growing form of 'Winter Gem'. Its glossy evergreen foliage is attractive year-round, and it has excellent hardiness. This variety's more upright habit makes it also great for hedging, and it's faster growth means it will fill in more quickly than other varieties.  An excellent plant for us as edging or a low hedge in formal gardens.

    Karen Azalea

    Karen Azalea is slightly fragrant and exceptionally cold hardy as well as being a dense and eye-catching compact semi-evergreen azalea. It bears abundant clusters of large funnel shaped rich reddish purple flowers that are up to 2 inches wide. The foliage of this plant takes on wine red and coppery shades in fall and winter. It grows best in slightly acidic soils in sunny to part shady conditions. It attracts butterflies, hummingbirds and birds. 

    Azalea stewartsonian

    Vivid single orange-red flowers put on a showy display on this dense, rounded evergreen in the spring. The dark green summer foliage becomes a wine red in the winter adding seasonal interest. Makes a showy hedge or specimen plant in any landscape. It grows to 5 feet tall by 4 feet wide in full sun to partial shade.

    Compact Korean Azalea

    An heirloom azalea, it's surprising that such an easy-to-grow azalea can be so difficult to find. This old-fashioned variety has been found in gardens since the 1800s, and it offers exceptional cold-hardiness, very high shade tolerance, and a flurry of star-shaped lavender flowers in late spring. It grows to 3 to 5 feet high by roughly the same wide in full sun to light shade. 

    Weston's Lollipop Azalea

    This outstanding azalea variety produces clusters of dark pink buds in June that open to extremely fragrant pale pink trumpet shaped flowers with buttery yellow flares. Medium green foliage covers this 4-5 ft. tall shrub before turning reddish orange in autumn. A very hardy plant able to take temperatures to -30 degrees F., it is best planted in acidic soil in a partially shaded location.

    Weston's Millenium Azalea

    This outstanding variety produces clusters of ruby red buds in June that open to extremely fragrant dusty red trumpet shaped flowers with a pale orange flare. Thick, blue green leaves have silvery undersides and cover this 3-4 ft. tall shrub. Hardy to -20 degrees F., it is best planted in acidic soil in a partially shaded location.

    Gem Box Inkberry Holly

    A cool new dwarf, broadleaf evergreen that looks more like a boxwood than an inkberry! This dense, ball-shaped plant has small, dainty, dark green leaves with attractive red tips during the spring flush. It maintains good branching right to the ground so it never looks bare-legged like other inkberries can. Great as a small evergreen hedge or as a container specimen. Grows 2 to 3 feet tall by the same wide in sun or partial shade, and prefers slightly acidic soils (which is very easy to make and keep). 

    Strongbox Inkberry Holly

    Do you love boxwood but struggle with disease or winter damage? This faster growing American native evergreen is a terrific alternative! It naturally grows in a broadly rounded mound with lush shiny leaves completely covering the entire plant and spring flowers. Growing 2-3 ft. tall and round in sun or part shade, it can be pruned as you desire, or left in its natural shape as a specimen or low hedge plant.

    Elite Star Rhododendron

    Found in BC as a naturally occurring mutation, this new variety has deep violet red flowers in spring and a dense growth habit - but with hardiness like it's parent PJM, but blooms about a week later.  The evergreen leaves will turn a dark reddish brown through the winter months. It grows to 5 feet tall and wide in partial sun/shade conditions. Soil should be amended to lower the pH as it prefers a slightly acidic soil. 

    Minuet Mountain Laurel

    Pretty white flowers lightly 'kissed' with pink and decorated with cinnamon coloured banding smother this miniature broadleaf evergreen in the springtime! Enriched by small glossy leaves, it grows only 3 ft. tall and wide. Not tolerant of wet clay soils, it should be located where bright morning sunlight will be shaded by afternoon in cool, moist, rich acidic well-drained soil. Lightly prune after flowering.

    Sarah Mountain Laurel

    This compact growing Mountain Laurel has rich red colour that is beyond compare - with the centres contrasting strikingly in white. The new buds have a deep purple red colour, and even the leaves have flashes of red as well. It grows best in well drained soils that are slightly acidic in a partial shade condition. It will grow at a moderate rate to 4 to 5 feet tall and wide in 10 years, with specimens possibly larger than that in time.  Shade protection from winter sun (burlap screen) is recommended.

    Katsura Pieris

    'Katsura' Pieris has beautiful, wine-red new foliage flushing continuously throughout the season, each leaf of the new growth turning dark green with age.  Rose-pink bell-shaped flowers appear in early spring. It has a petite mounding habit and will grow to 3 feet tall by roughly the same wide in five years. It grows best in semi-shade in a slightly acidic soil. 

    Dan's Delight Euonymus

    You might think that you 'know' this plant - but while it has some similar colouring to that of the omnipresent Gaiety Euonymus - there are some very clear differences. The first is the compact growth habit - much lower at approximately 16" tall. The second is that a close look at the leaves will show how much more white they are than the norm - giving any groundcover planting of these a more radiant white appearance.  Easy to trim to size or width, it grows in most soil types in a sunny to partially shady location.

    Taylor Juniper

    Taylor Juniper is an excellent, extremely narrow upright selection of Eastern red cedar. It has dark green colour in summer and a purplish tone in winter. It's the perfect evergreen for a narrow space, to duplicate the look of Italian narrow cypress, or to create a screen in the landscape. As with most junipers, this one needs full sun and well-drained soil. At its maturity it will grow to be 18-20' tall x 2' wide.

    Jasper Englemann Spruce

    Softer in needle colour and in texture than most dwarf blue spruces, the muted blue green colour and very dwarf size will make this a rugged favourite in any garden. A true dwarf, it grows to 3 feet tall by 2 feet wide in full sun. A rare and hard to find specimen.

    Bonny Blue Spruce

    This unique form of spruce has a beautiful blue colour, and very short and distinctive needles that give this tree an elegant look to the garden. The tiny, narrow needles are bright blue and they are closely arranged with an angle that is acute to the stem. This tree is slower growing than some blue spruce varieties, but will ultimately to 25 feet tall by 15 feet wide in full sun to light shade. **Special order 2019.

    Everlow Yew

    This superior selection of yew forms a low growing spreader covered with dark green soft foliage. Growing only 1 to 2 ft. tall, it can spread 3-4 ft. wide in sun or shade. Drought tolerant, it can be used as a low hedge or specimen plant as well! It is reputed to be one of the very best for withstanding wind. 

    Kobes Hick's Yew

    This dark green evergreen is similar in shape and habit to the more commonly seen Hick's Yew, but it grows slightly faster, is a little hardier and less prone to winter burn, and is fruitless. It's upright branching habit is narrower in youth becoming fatter with age. Can grow ultimately to 10 feet tall given enough time, with the width variable and dependent on the trimming it receives. Grows best in full sun to partial shade.

    Taunton Yew

    Taunton is a dense, low-growing yew which branches freely. The bright-green foliage turns dark-green when grown in shade. It requires a minimum of trimming and is highly resistant to winter burn. Requires a well-drained site. New growth is lemony yellow but ages to a dark green. Mature size will be around 3 to 4 feet high by 4 to 6 feet wide.

    Green Penguin Pine

    These fat little pyramidal selection of Scotch pines in the nursery row resemble 'Green Penguins' on the march! The tufted bright green juvenile growth surrounded by longer needles gives it additional texture and is retained all year. Growing only 2-3 inches per year to 4-6 ft. tall in full sun, it has a very dense pyramidal form that never needs pruning. Hardy to Zone 3, it suits locations where Dwarf Alberta spruce struggle to survive.

    Green Giant Cedar

    This dark green pyramidal evergreen may look like any other cedar you have seen, but it's not.  It grows faster and larger than traditional Emerald cedars, making it an excellent choice for screening where space is NOT an issue. It can grow to as large as 40 feet tall by at least 6 feet wide, and while it can be trimmed, it will grow into a dense pyramidal form without intervention. Best planted in full sun, and not in areas where water will drain or collect. 

    Steeplechase Cedar

    This smaller growing cousin to 'Green Giant' is also a superb, dense, broadly pyramidal tree with fine textured, rich green foliage. An ideal hedge or screening plant that is a rapid grower (often as much as 2' or more per year). It will grow to 18 feet tall by 6 feet wide in full sun to partial shade, and should not be sited where water collects or drains. 

    Zmatlik Cedar

    This cedar from the Czech Republic is a medium green throughout spring and summer, but in winter, as temperatures fall, it puts on its winter coat of intense plum-bronze. The winter colour is very dramatic and adds to the already interesting texture of this hardy narrow column. Small, scale-like sprays of foliage twist and curl creating a densely foliaged plant than can be enjoyed as a single specimen or planted as a screen. It grows to 15 feet tall by 4 feet wide in full sun.

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