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mushroom compost

New Compost Available!

Grobe Nursery has a new compost to offer this Spring! High in organic matter, this new Cream of Mushroom Compost is an excellent addition to your vegetable garden! With our early crop of tomatoes now available in our greenhouse, consider working some new compost into your vegetable beds before planting your tomatoes in June, as the calcium content in this compost will help prevent blossom end rot!

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April 19th 2024


Collector's Edition
Japanese Maples!

Though we always have an excellent selection of Japanese maples, we’ve got something extra special for you this year! Featuring a small selection of select Japanese Maples in 1 gallon pots, perfect for planting in the garden, or using for bonsai. Check out our Japanese Maple Plant Gallery Page to see the exciting new varieties and then see if they are in stock using our updated Availability List to see our current stock.

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April 17th 2024


Frost In The Forcast!

Careful! Low temperatures can damage your plants. Cover or bring plants inside if frost or freezing temperatures are forecasted, like we are expecting at night this weekend.

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April 17th 2024


The Yard Is Now Open!

The yard is finaly open! Come in and see our trees, shrubs, evergreens and more! See our availability list to see what we have on hand today.

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April 13th 2024

butterfly sale

Fly On In!

Stop by our Gift Store this weekend to receive 20% off all butterfly-themed wall art! Big or large, metal or canvas, Grobe Nursery has so many gorgeous Spring pieces currently in stock

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April 12th 2024

opening soon

The Countdown Is On!

It’s time! Our Nursery Yard is scheduled to open Saturday April 13th at 10am.

Get excited about all the new varieties, and start making your gardening shopping list, by going through our plant gallery here. If you see something you like, check out our availability list, which is updated every morning, to see if it has arrived!

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April 8th 2024

lawn care

Love Your Lawn

Our tried and true 6-Step Perfect Lawn Care Program is back! We love this program for so many reasons:

Added iron keeps your lawn looking green

Enzyme inhibitors limit nitrogen loss; this means your lawn actually uses the nutrients instead of having them lost to the atmosphere

Improves drought and stress tolerance

Offers controlled growth (no excessive mowing for you!)

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April 5th 2024

houseplant fert

Healthy Food For

Healthy Plants

Give your house plants a great start for the new Spring season. Whether you like to be involved and feed them every time you water, or whether you like to take it easy and have a once a month application, we have you covered!

For good vigorous growth, feeding your plant can be a big help for your plant to put on new leaves. Give it a try, and see the difference!

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April 1st 2024


Easter Sunday Bonnet

The Spring sun is shining! With so many new styles and colours in stock, you’re sure to find a hat you love here at Grobe Nursery!

Here are our store hours for this long weekend:

SATURDAY - 10 - 5

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March 29th 2024



Spring ahead of the lines and take a sneak peak look at what we will have for Pre-Orders!

Click here to get our Availability!

Take a look at our Pre-Order information here to learn how it works.

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March 27th 2024

spring bulbs

Spring Bulbs Have Arrived!

Spring Bulbs have arrived at Grobe Nursery! Callas, Cannas, Dahlias, Oh my!

Grobe Nursery currently has an excellent selection of flowering bulbs! Onion sets and seed potatoes are not yet in stock.

The best part? Our bulbs are already 20% off!

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March 22nd 2024

gh plants

Early Spring Plant Excitement!

We are so excited about all the beautiful Spring plants that came in the week we just HAD to share more pictures. After all, Spring blooms are more than just Pansies and Bulbs.

We have Ice 'n Roses Hellebores that have upright facing flowers and strong colour and stems. We also have some Hellebores from the beautiful Wedding Party series with their full double blooms like Dark and Handsome and True Love. These are perennials that can be planted out in the garden once the weather warms up, and they get bigger, better, and more beautiful with every year that goes by.

Do you love Primroses? So do we! With singles, doubles, and ruffles in stock you've got to come check out our selection.

Ranuculus looks almost like a dwarf Peony, but they come in a range of colours we wish Peonies would. We have a sellection of these colours to choose from, and there are some so unique, with white petals edged in pink!

There is so much to look at, come in and enjoy the beautiful Spring color!

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March 21st 2024

gh open

The Greenhouse is Open!

The first flowers of Spring have arrived at Grobe Nursery! We currently have Pansies, Hellebores, Primrose and Ranunculus available for purchase. While these are gorgeous during mild daytime weather, be sure to bring them in during overnight temperatures below 0Cº.

Come in and enjoy the beautiful Spring color!

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March 19th 2024

bts sprouts

Behind The Scenes: Sprouts!

How exciting! Our first crop of tomato and pepper seedlings have been started, and this is just a tiny sampling of all the fun varieties we grow.

Last year Andrew Coppolino from CBC News came to visit our green houses, taste test our tomatoes, and see how we trial new and unique varieties for customers to grow. From sweet cherry tomatoes, slicers, beefsteak, and more, you won't find a better tomato selection anywhere in the Waterloo Region.

Want to grow your own tomato seedlings? We carry seeds, heat mats, trays, domes, and seed starting media, everything you need to get growing some sprouts of your own!

Come check us out! We're on Greenhouse Rd. in Breslau just off of Highway 7, between Guelph and Kitchener.

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March 18th 2024

Heathers and Heaths

Spring Sneak Peak!

Our Heathers and Heaths couldn’t wait another minute and have burst into bloom! We’ve brought them up for you to get an early taste of Spring while we wait for the Pansies and Hellebores to arrive. These colourful ground covers love sun, do well in rock gardens with sandy, acidic soil, and make excellent plants for the garden border. They love to cheer you up in early Spring, in fact, Did you know?

Behavioural researchers explored the link between flowers and emotion and concluded that flowers are a natural and healthy moderator of moods, having an immediate impact on happiness.

Brighten your day, come in and get a sneak peak of Spring!

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March 11th 2024

Dormant Spray

Protect Your Produce!

Protect your fruit trees and ornamental plants from damaging pests or fatal diseases!

Fruit trees are often a favourite of pests like apple maggot or diseases like pear rust, even problems that can prove fatal to your trees like fireblight and black knot. You can prevent all these listed by using a Dormant Spray Kit!

Before the buds of your trees open, you can use this kit when the temperatures are above 0ºC and there is no wind or rain in the forecast. As with any chemical product Always Read And Follow The Label and make sure to wear you Personal Protective Equipment!

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March 8th 2024

We're Hiring!

We're Hiring!

We’re hiring! Part-time, seasonal positions for both our store and our nursery yard are available. Click the link below to read our full posting!

Apply Now for Garden Centre Assistant!

Apply Now for Garden Centre Cashier/Sales Associate!

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March 4th 2024


Are You Ready For
Spring Showers?

Celebrate these Spring showers in style with our selection of Galleria umbrellas. We love them for their gorgeous patterns, inside and out, and the easy to open mechanism 😍

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Febuary 27th 2024

New Quilling Cards

More Than Just a Card

One of our most popular lines is back in stock at Grobe Nursery! Whether it be to say thank you, happy birthday, or just because, Quilling Cards send along your sweet message with a piece of handcrafted art!

With 20+ new styles available, you’re sure to find one you love! Love it so much you’d frame it? No problem! We have Quilling card frames currently available in black, silver and gold.

#QuillingCards #Gifts #JustIn

Febuary 20th 2024

Winter Wear

Winter Wind

Though the sun has us feeling like Spring is truly on its way, the Winter wind is here to stay! Winter fashion is now 50% off the regular price. This sale includes: hats, mittens, scarves, sweaters and socks. Muck Boots are excluded from the sale.

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Febuary 16th 2024

Valentines Planter

The Stars Have Aligned!

We got our hands on some Thai Constellation Monstera! It’s so exciting some have already found homes with our staff.
This special Philodendron has a stable variegation that won’t revert like Monstera Albo, and will still develop the classic Monstera leaf fenestration. The more light this plant gets, the better its variegation becomes, making it a beauty. Don’t have a bright window? Give it a spotlight to perform! You can let this plant go dry between waterings, making this a pretty easy care plant.

Did you know? Researchers believe the calming influence of a natural environment increases the ability to concentrate on the task at hand. Work performed in the presence of plants was of higher quality and completed more accurately than in an environment without plants.

Come check out these beauties today!

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Febuary 13th 2024

Valentines Planter

Grow Your Love!

Gift your special someone, this Valentines Day, with a cute planter or tropical plant to show how you want to grow your love with them! Perfect for pairing with a piece of jewellery (like our Glee Jewellery) or even a beautiful decorative pot. Check out our selection for this Valentines Day!

Check to see what's available!

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Febuary 9th 2024

Glee Jewellery

Sweet Treat for a Sweetheart !

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! Our collection of Glee jewellery makes the perfect gift for you or your sweetheart. Consider pairing one of these pieces with one of our new tropical plants to complete your gift.

#GleeJewellery #ValentinesDay #Gifts

Febuary 6th 2024

Ring of Fire Philodendron

Hot New Plant!

Wow! This Ring of Fire Philodendron that just arrived has wavy, upright foliage, flecked with yellows and golds like a flame. The new growth even comes in shades of red and orange for an extra pop of colour. Best in bright light or partial light this easy to grow plant likes to go a little dry between waterings. You don't see one of these every day, so hurry in before they're gone!

Check to see quantity available!

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January 26th 2024

Syngonium Albo

Syngonium Albo

A variegation this stunning has got to be shown off. Just arrived with our January Tropical order, this Syngonium Albo has a variegation that only improves with the more light it gets. Best kept in an area where it will get plenty of light to encourage more variegation, this trailing plant will cascade beautifully down any shelf or hanger.

Syngonium are easy to care for plants that grow vigorosly and come in many colours. This is just one rare beauty in the bunch.

Check to see quantity available!

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January 25th 2024

Seed Racks

Can you seed the future?

Green sprouts popping out of the ground? Fresh Veggies? Flowers? Herbs? While all the snow, ice, and rain might have you thinking of Winter cold, we're thinking ahead to Spring!

The seeds have just arrived so it's time to start planning out the gardens and what you want to grow for the year. We have a great selection of seed starting materials, from seeds, soil, trays, lights, and more. Come check out our selection and start planing your garden today!

#Seeds #Garden Planning

January 24th 2024

Fittonia Assortment

Love is in Pink, Red, and White

These Fittonia come in lovely colours, of Red, White, and Pink, perfect for Valentines Day! Single? Who says that special someone can't be you? Great for bright to partial light in the house, these drama queens will let you know when they need a watering with a delicate droop, making them easy to care for and enjoy.

We have a great assortment that just arrived!

Check to see quantity available!

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January 23rd 2024

Succulent Assortment

January Arrivals !

Look at these cute little guys we just got in! There's a great selection of 2.5" Jade, Haworthia, Echiveria, Gasteria, Aloe, Kalanchoe, Aeonium, and more to look at. Great for narrow shelves, window ledges, or small desk spaces.

Check to see quantity available!

#Just In #Succulents #Cute! #Easy Care #Bright Light

January 22nd 2024

Succulent Assortment

Tropical Paradise Awaits

No need to travel when you can create your own tropical paradise at home. With some tropical plants, bright lights, a drink, and beachy scene playing on your device, there's no better way to spend the Winter.

Start building your get away, without your budget getting away. New Tropicals have just arrived at GROBE'S and you've got to see all the cool, new, and rare plants we've got!

Check to see quantity available!

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January 21st 2024

Succulent Assortment

Thank you!

Thank you for sharing yet another Christmas Season with us at Grobe Nursery! Whether it was fresh or everlasting greens, decorated pots, or our extensive collection of trim, thank you for including and sharing with us your holiday spirit! We hope you enjoyed the season and can’t wait for you to see our plans for next year!

#Christmas #HappyHolidays!

January 1st 2024


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